Science, but big.

Easy: Run your Python code in the cloud with minimal changes. Focus on your science not infra.

Cheap: Coiled is free for modest use and lowers your cloud costs. Easily limit spending and see usage.

Fast: Virtual machines start up in about a minute.

Xarray on the Cloud
Delightfully easy

Scale up in about a minute
Mirror your laptop, including packages, code, and credentials
Process TBs of data for fractions of a dollar
import xarray as xr
import coiled
cluster = coiled.Cluster(
    worker_memory="64 GiB",
client = cluster.get_client()

ds = xr.open_mfdataset(
    engine="zarr", parallel=True,
Coiled sets up Dask clusters to your specification.
The right hardware for the right job, configured automatically.

Churn through S3 files with parallel for loops

Easy: Minimal code changes to run on the cloud.
Fast: Skip downloading and run on VMs close to your data.
Cheap: Process TBs of data for fractions of a dollar.
import coiled

# Step 1: Get a list of all our files.
files = ["s3://bucket/", ..., ...]

# Step 2: Create a function to process each file.
def process(file):
    result = ...
    return result

# Step 3: Process all of the files.
results =

# Step 4: Analyze results locally.
Execute any Python function in parallel in the cloud with Coiled.

Cloud infrastructure, but easy

Deploy infrastructure like you're a pro, even if you have no experience. Set up Coiled in two lines:
$ pip install coiled

$ coiled setup

Grant cloud access? (Y/n): Y
... Configuring ...

🎉 You're ready to go.
10,000 CPU-hours free each month*
More than enough for most applications
$0.05/CPU-hour thereafter
Large computations often cost just pennies
* You'll still have to pay AWS or GCP
Q: How does this work?
  • Coiled manages EC2 VMs in your cloud account.
  • Dask runs your Python code on those VMs.
  • Coiled tracks everything so it's safe and cheap.
Q: How easy is it to set up?
  • Anyone familiar with a terminal can set up Coiled.
  • Nothing to maintain. Coiled manages everything

Trusted by both government and industry

"I was able to process 6,000 passes of SWOT L2 data in the cloud after adding two lines of code to my existing algorithm. Coiled is very user-friendly; it allowed me to focus on my research not infrastructure."
Dead simple

“Dask is simple. Coiled made it simpler. Set up is half the battle with the cloud and Coiled made this easy.“

Kenneth Nguyen

CTO, Tasq

Built on open source
“I’m glad there are companies like Coiled building on top of open source software and contributing back to the community.”
Clean Python
“We love it! It keeps us away from vendor-locking ourselves into a cloud MLOps platform. We just keep it all in clean Python”

Lakhveer Singh Jajj

CEO, Moselle

Connect your cloud account

Easy: Setup takes three minutes and anyone can do it.
Free: No credit card required. Generous free tier.

$ pip install coiled

$ coiled login

$ coiled setup aws

Grant cloud access? (Y/n): Y
... Configuring ...

🎉 You're ready to go.

Join with NASA Openscapes

No AWS account needed. Available for groups working with NASA Earthdata. Learn more about NASA Openscapes.