We are on a mission to help  Python scale.

Our passions lie at the intersection of computer architecture and human usability to solve the world’s biggest problems.

The Team

Matthew Rocklin - Coiled CEO

Matthew Rocklin (He/Him)

Emily Valentine - Director of Finance & Operations

Emily Anderson (She/Her)
- Director of Finance & Operations

David Chudzicki - Senior Software Engineer

David Chudzicki (He/Him)
- Platform Engineering

Nat Tabris - Senior Software Engineer

Nat Tabris
- Platform Engineering

Florian Jetter - Dask Engineering

Florian Jetter (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Hendrik Makait - OSS Engineer

Hendrik Makait (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Thomas Grainger
- Dask Engineering

Miles Granger (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Sarah Johnson - Documentation Engineer

Sarah Johnson (She/Her)
- Platform Engineering

James Bourbeau - Lead OSS Engineer

James Bourbeau (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Samantha Hughes - Staff Engineer

Samantha Hughes (She/Her)
- Platform Engineering

Guido Imperiale - Software Engineer

Guido Imperiale (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Dan Blanchard (He/Him)
- Platform Engineering

Patrick Hofler - coiled.io

Patrick Höefler (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Danny Lund (He/Him)
- Marketing

Coiled Name and Logo

What is the story behind the name and logo of Coiled?

The name and logo were inspired by the Greek Staff of Asclepius, a symbol that is “a serpent-entwined rod wielded by the Greek god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine ".  (quote from Wikipedia)

This symbol speaks to us in a few ways:

  1. It is snake-like, referring back to Python
  2. It is supportive, entwining the staff, rather than the primary object of attention (the staff itself). This reflects the supportive role that Coiled and Dask play in enabling other technologies and workflows. We embrace the humility of supporting others to do their best work.
  3. We respect the use of this symbol in medicine and the endeavor to improve the human condition.

This staff is commonly used in medical and aid organizations, such as the World Health Organization.

Rod of Asclepius icon

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