We are on a mission to help  Python scale.

Our passions lie at the intersection of computer architecture and human usability to solve the world’s biggest problems.

The Team

Matthew Rocklin - Coiled CEO

Matthew Rocklin (He/Him)

Emily Valentine - Director of Finance & Operations

Emily Valentine (She/Her)
- Director of Finance & Operations

David Chudzicki - Senior Software Engineer

David Chudzicki (He/Him)
- Platform Engineering

Greg Hayes - Building Dask

Greg Hayes (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Paul Hobson - OSS Developer

Paul Hobson (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Gabe Joseph - OSS Developer

Gabe Joseph (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Nat Tabris - Senior Software Engineer

Nat Tabris (He/Him)
- Platform Engineering

Florian Jetter - Dask Engineering

Florian Jetter (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Hendrik Makait - OSS Engineer

Hendrik Makait (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Richard Pelgrim - Developer Advocate

Richard Pelgrim (He/Him)
- Developer Advocate

Lily Melnyk - Director of Marketing

Lily Melnyk (She/Her)
- Marketing

Sarah Johnson - Documentation Engineer

Sarah Johnson (She/Her)
- Platform Engineering

James Bourbeau - Lead OSS Engineer

James Bourbeau (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Samantha Hughes - Staff Engineer

Samantha Hughes (She/Her)
- Platform Engineering

Naty Clementi - Software Engineer

Naty Clementi (She/Her)
- Dask Engineering

Adam Breindel - Training Lead

Adam Breindel (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Guido Imperiale - Software Engineer

Guido Imperiale (He/Him)
- Dask Engineering

Danny Lund - Creative Producer

Danny Lund (He/Him)
- Marketing

Level up your Dask using Coiled

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