Simple, usage based pricing

Get started for free, only pay for what you use.
No credit card required.

$0.05/per CPU-hour
after 10,000 hours
10,000 CPU-hours Free*
per month
Bulk Discounts Available
* You still have to pay AWS or GCP

Pricing Examples

So how much will this actually cost me, both today, and in the future?

You want something that "just works"

Get started quickly
Generous free tier, probably more than you'll need (but you still have to pay your cloud provider)
Worry-free architecture (we'll turn everything off for you)
Example Costs
You're under Coiled's free tier, but still pay your cloud
Unit Price
AWS CPU per hour
Coiled Surcharge
You save time in personnel costs and can get started quickly. The first 10,000 CPU-hours are free every month.

Empower your team to operate efficiently

Help the entire team to use cloud, not just top performers
Free up folks from maintaining cloud resources
Track usage and bound costs with easy team management
Example Costs
You pay Coiled $1k, but save $10k monthly on personnel
Unit Price
AWS CPU per hour
AWS CPU-hours
Setup Cloud Account

Coiled runs in your account, so you'll need to set this up yourself.

Fortunately, AWS and GCP make this easy.

Learn more
Coiled Surcharge
You save ~100 hrs. per month in personnel costs and accelerate development by months. The first 10,000 CPU-hours are free every month.

Easily and cheaply process a ton of data

Cloud setup designed for data people

pip install coiled
coiled login
coiled setup aws

coiled run echo "Hello, world" --region us-west-1
Set up in a few minutes, all from the command line.
Runs securely in your cloud account.

Use the best resources for your job

Runs inside your AWS or GCP account
Runs in any region to avoid egress costs
Use any VM instance type including TB-RAM, GPU, ARM, and more

Easy for everyone on your team

import coiled"us-west-1", memory="512 GiB")
def process(...):
process("s3://...")  # this runs on the cloud
Sophisticated APIs for complex use cases. Simple APIs for simple use cases.

Limit spending

Constrain costs on a per-team or per-user basis
Automatically track and turn off errant resources
Leverage Spot, ARM, and other cost-saving infrastructure

Care about costs? So do we.

Read more about how we save you money

Flexible VM Architecture

Full access to most VM instance types on the fly. Quickly burst from zero-cost idle to thousand-node clusters.

Save Money with Spot

The cloud is wonderful but expensive. Spot/preemptible instances offer dramatic cost savings, but using them well requires considerable nuance... 

Cost Savings with Dask and Coiled

Coiled can often save money for an organization running Dask. This article goes through the most common ways in which we see that happen. 

AWS Cost Explorer Tips and Tricks

In this post, I’m going to share some views that I’ve found especially useful when digging in to our costs for running data-science workloads on EC2 instances...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this actually free to use?

You still have to pay your cloud provider (AWS, GCP) but Coiled won't charge you anything extra until you're using more than 10,000 CPU-hours per month.

10,000 CPU-hours is enough to perform a modest data transformation job (1 hour of 100 CPUs) a few times a day, every day, continuously.

    Can I pay to get help with Dask?

    If you’re using Coiled you’ll find that our engineers reach out frequently. We’re constantly tracking failures and engaging with users to see how we can make Dask and Coiled better. If you want to ask questions we’re happy to help.

    If you’re not using Coiled these engagements are less efficient and so it’s harder to help. For a few large partner organizations with heavy use of Dask on-prem we do sell Enterprise Dask Support.

    How do bulk discounts work?

    You pay in-advance for buckets of CPU-hours. These come at a discount. The more you commit to using the lower the per-unit cost. Contact Us to learn more.

      Why the $0.05 additional charge?

      We have to charge you somehow. Usage-based pricing is the best approach we've found so far.

      Every CPU-hour we manage for you beyond the free tier gets accounted for. We charge roughly five cents per CPU-hour used at the end of the month.

      You can pay by credit card, or with a purchase order. Overages are billed monthly in arrears. Volume discounts are available and are billed annually.

      • Only pay for what you use. We’re incentivized to make Dask and Coiled as useful for you as possible.
      • As you get into more exotic machine types like high memory nodes or GPUs these values can change. As you commit to more usage, these values can change.
      How much does this cost me?

      Nothing until you use 10,000 CPU-hours per month. After that we do usage-based pricing. If we’re managing $1M of spend on AWS/GCP then we expect to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars. If we’re managing hundreds of dollars then we don’t care and are happy to give away the product for free.

      In general we find that our cost-saving measures save customers more money than we charge. More in-depth information on our Build vs. Buy page.

      Can you help me run on-prem?

      You can deploy Dask anywhere with technologies like HPC job schedulers, Kubernetes, or cloud deployment APIs. See the Dask documentation. Coiled manages Dask clusters in the cloud, deploying within your own cloud provider account (we never see your data).

      If you are truly on-prem (like on OpenStack) then we can connect you to other companies and contractors that can set things up for you. Send us a note and we’ll connect you to groups that we trust to do excellent work.

      Try Coiled for free and see what you think.

      Sign up and give Coiled a spin or contact us. We'd love to chat and see if Coiled can work for you.