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Scalable Computing

Scale your data science workflows with Python and Dask

April 23, 2021

Why we passed on Kubernetes

October 20, 2022
Coiled deploys Dask clusters in the cloud. We do this using raw cloud APIs rather than with Kubernetes...

Perform a Spatial Join in Python

July 11, 2022
This blog explains how to perform a spatial join in Python. Knowing how to perform a spatial join is an important asset in your data-processing toolkit: it enables you to join two datasets based on spatial predicates. For example, you can join a point-based dataset with a polygon-based dataset based on whether the points fall within the polygon.

Save Money with Spot

January 5, 2023
The cloud is wonderful but expensive. Spot/preemptible instances offer dramatic cost savings, but using them well requires considerable nuance...