Run Python at Scale in the Cloud

Coiled combines the open-source Dask package with a rock-solid cloud architecture. There is no single magic trick but rather a union of many technical features assembled together.

Transition easily from single-machine Dask to running a cluster in the cloud

Use Coiled from anywhere you use Python. Spinning up a cluster from your laptop for exploratory analysis is just as easy as setting up continuous integration jobs or orchestrating production workflows.

Centralized control plane

A 24x7 managed watchdog over every Dask cluster.

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Zero Trust Network Architecture

Coiled's zero trust network architecture protects your cluster and your data.

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Flexible VM Architecture

Full access to most VM instance types on the fly.

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Connect Dask workers to each other, to users, and to your data cheaply and securely.

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Easy Setup in Your Cloud Account

By using your own cloud account, you keep your data and computation easily accessible and under your control.

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Package Sync

Replicate your local software environment to your cluster, allowing for both reliable execution and rapid iteration.

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Coiled works hard to ensure your clusters have the same permissions you do, and that it’s easy to get credentials in the right place otherwise.

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Cloud storage of Dask worker and scheduler logs, with easy access via the Coiled web app.

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Team members can share resources, track usage, and consolidate billing with anyone else on the same account.

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Cluster Infrastructure Observability

See every component in your cluster and its history.

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Dask Observability

Like the Dashboard, but across time and across all users in your team.

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Multi-Zone Resourcing

Captures the cheapest instances across multiple zones.

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Idle Cluster Shutdown

We shut down idle clusters after periods of inactivity.

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Managed Software Environments

Coiled provides the tools you need to iterate quickly in development or work reliably in production.

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Get Started

Coiled makes it easy to scale Dask maturely in the cloud.