Coiled Product Detail

Observability at all levels

Stuff breaks. Easily discover why, across time and across all users in your team.

Feature Details


Coiled stores instance, scheduler, and worker logs in your cloud provider account using Amazon CloudWatch or Google Cloud Logging. Easily access your logs via the Coiled web app or through CLI tools for easier debugging.


With a team, you can invite team members, assign roles, manage usage, and track spending. Set your whole team up with a single cloud provider account, and limit access to AWS credentials.

Cluster Performance

See what’s working and quickly track down problems with flags for things like erred tasks and disk use. Diagnose issues with charts for CPU and memory usage.

Dask Observability

The Dask dashboard you know and love, but behind authentication for increased security. Plus, Coiled Analytics gives you visibility into Dask computations submitted by everyone in your team. Identify common errors, highly failed jobs, and cost centers.

With GitHub, Google or email.

Use your AWS or GCP account.

Start scaling.

$ pip install coiled
$ coiled setup
$ ipython
>>> import coiled
>>> cluster = coiled.Cluster(n_workers=500)