Coiled Product Detail

Rock-solid Infrastructure

Coiled manages your cloud for you.

Feature Details

Centralized Cluster Manager

A 24x7 managed watchdog over every Dask cluster. You get a cluster actively managed by a team of professionals that’s been robustly tested, monitored and battle-hardened. It’s Dask that just works.

Zero Trust Network Architecture

Coiled’s zero trust network architecture protects your cluster and your data so you don't have to worry about keeping your cluster private and secure. Coiled uses mTLS to ensure that only you can connect to your cluster and all communication is encrypted.

Flexible VM Architecture

Full access to most VM instance types on the fly. Quickly burst from zero-cost idle to thousand-node clusters in about 2 minutes and back, while choosing the optimal instance types for your workflow.


Things need to talk to each other, and Coiled makes sensible network decisions for you to avoid costly networking charges. Plus, no one likes thinking about VPCs.

With GitHub, Google or email.

Use your AWS or GCP account.

Start scaling.

$ pip install coiled
$ coiled setup
$ ipython
>>> import coiled
>>> cluster = coiled.Cluster(n_workers=500)