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Cost Savings with Dask and Coiled

November 3, 2022
Coiled can often save money for an organization running Dask. This article goes through the most common ways in which we see that happen. 

Spark to Dask: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Moving from Spark to Dask

June 24, 2022
Spark is no doubt a fast analytical tool that provides high-speed queries for large datasets, but recent client testimonials tell us that Dask is even faster.

Coiled Cloud Architecture

August 17, 2022
Over the last couple of years, Coiled has made a cloud-SaaS application that runs Dask for folks smoothly and securely in the cloud...

Scikit-learn + Joblib: Scale your Machine Learning Models for Faster Training

March 15, 2022
You can train a sklearn models in parallel using the sklearn joblib interface. This allows sklearn to take full advantage of the multiple cores in your machine and speed up training.

Enterprise Dask Support

August 16, 2022
Along with the Cloud SaaS product, Coiled sells enterprise support for Dask. This article will be a more informal description of how we operate and why.