Workflow Orchestration with Prefect and Coiled

Jeremiah Lowin, Founder and CEO of Prefect, and Kevin Kho, Open Source Community Engineer from Prefect, joined us last month for a webinar: Workflow Orchestration with Prefect and Coiled.

Prefect is an open-source workflow orchestration tool, built on top of Dask, allowing parallel execution of workflows and created to handle the modern data stack. Prefect’s goal is to eliminate negative engineering, which includes failure handling, notifications, and retries.

As a part of Coiled’s partner program, Prefect is the new standard in dataflow automation, trusted to build, run, and monitor millions of data workflows and pipelines.

In this webinar, Jeremiah and Kevin cover:

  • How to create a simple Prefect flow
  • How to use the new Prefect feature, the KV (Key-Value) store
  • How to use Coiled and Prefect together

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