Transforming Terabytes of Healthcare Data with Dask

Michael Sebbah, Founder of, a French company dedicated to delivering data platform services, joined us for a Science Thursday Livestream: Transforming Terabytes of Healthcare Data.’s client is a leading biopharmaceutical group dedicated to prolonging and improving lives and health outcomes through innovative medicines in oncology, neuroscience, and rare disease. Their data science team studies the effect of medical products on patients by exploring healthcare databases to gain insights.

Michael and his team faced the challenge of computing terabytes of patient data and Micheal will share details and lessons learned from this experience. 

In this webinar, Hugo and Michael cover: 

  • The advantages of combining Dask and Kubeflow
  • Some issues Michael and his team met and how they created solutions
  • How data engineers and data scientists work together to innovate for patients and society

Watch the Livestream by clicking below to learn more!

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