Livestream: Scalable Python Deployments as a Service

James Bourbeau, Dask core contributor and maintainer who works at Coiled building tools for scalable computing, joins Hugo Bowne-Anderson to discuss and code about scalable data science deployments as a service and how he thinks about these things at Coiled. 

Coiled Cloud is an opinionated deployment-as-a-service product/library for scaling Python data science and machine learning with Dask. 

Dask is a widely used library for parallel computing in Python. It integrates with familiar PyData libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Scikit-Learn to scale data science workloads to parallel and distributed settings. Coiled helps you easily integrate Dask into your workflows by providing hosted Dask clusters, managed software environments, cost tracking, and more.  

After attending, you’ll know

  • How you can get started with the scalable PyData stack with one-click using Coiled;
  • Basic features any deployment-as-a-service product needs to offer and how to use these in Coiled Cloud: launching clusters, managing software environments, advanced telemetry, and more…

Level up your Dask using Coiled

Coiled makes it easy to scale Dask maturely in the cloud