How to Learn Coiled in 2021

On a live stream in October 2020, James Bourbeau, Dask maintainer and software engineer at Coiled, joined Hugo Bowne-Anderson to discuss and code about scalable data science deployments as a service and how he thinks about these things at Coiled.

Below, you’ll find the YouTube live stream link and the Jupyter Notebook used in the stream. Follow along with James and start scaling your Python data science today!

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:

00:00 Going Live

01:10 Introducing James: Dask Maintainer and Coiled Software Engineer

06:35 An Overview of Dask

20:40 Introducing Coiled

23:40 Spinning up a Cluster on Coiled

34:40 Creating Software Environments with Coiled

43:50 Record Time Debugging

49:00 Collaboration and Cost Monitoring with Coiled

54:15 Additional Resources

57:20 Wrapping Up

Livestream: Scalable Python Deployments as a Service

Jupyter Notebook & GitHub repository

Click here to view.

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