Higher-Performance Python for Data Science

In our November webinar, Ian Ozsvald, Principal Data Scientist at Mor Consulting, joined Richard Pelgrim, one of Coiled’s Data Science Evangelists, for a discussion on Higher-Performance Python for Data Science. 

Ian and Richard reviewed state of the art in the data science world for common number-crunching tasks on small to big data. Together, they covered profiling, compilation, and data manipulation, along with reviewing the near future for Numba, Pandas, Dask, Vaex, and Polars, and diving into the Dask onboarding journey

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In this webinar, Ian and Richard cover:

  • How to make pragmatic choices about the best tools you should invest in using
  • How to easily scale from Pandas to tools like Dask
  • Which workflows best suit Dask and when you should be staying in Pandas
  • And much more!

Level up your Dask using Coiled

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