Dask Heartbeat by Coiled: 2021-07-02


The Dask community is highly distributed with different teams working independently. This is powerful but sometimes makes it hard for people within the community to see everything that is going on. The Dask Heartbeat by Coiled is a monthly publication intended to centralize and broadcast Dask news over the previous four weeks.  

If you want something added to this list either send an e-mail at info@coiled.io, or tweet and tag @dask_dev and we’ll try to include it. Keep reading for the latest updates.

Dask Distributed Summit Recordings

The Dask Distributed Summit took place in May 2021. All the talks and tutorial recordings are now available on Dask’s YouTube channel.

Dask User Survey 2021

The annual Dask user survey is still open! We’d love to hear about how you use Dask and how we can help make Dask better.

Matthew Rocklin has shared some early anecdotes from the survey in this blog post: https://blog.dask.org/2021/06/18/early-survey

Task Groups Visualizations

Naty Clementi from Coiled worked on improving Task Group Visualizations. You can expect this feature in the next release!

Learn more in this blog post on some ongoing dask work.

Improved Memory Scheduling

Gabe Joseph (Coiled) recently improved Dask’s task scheduling by co-assign neighboring tasks to neighboring workers. This significantly improves Dask’s performance in common workflows as shown in this example. You can expect this performance boost in the next release as well!


Dask-Histogram is a new project that recently joined the Dask-Contrib GitHub organization. Building on the foundation of boost-histogram, Dask-Histogram adds support for lazy calculations on Dask collections. Its initial goal was to make boost-histogram Dask collection compatible, which Douglas Davis (Anaconda) worked on, completing prior to its move to Dask-Contrib. More here.


Over the last month, both Dask and Distributed versions 2021.06.0 and 2021.06.1 were released.

Dask Down Under

Genevieve Buckley and Nick Mortimer wrote a blog post summarizing the Dask Down Under track at the 2021 Dask Summit, which featured talks, tutorials, and events tailored specifically for an Australian (and wider Oceania) audience. You can read the blog here and catch the full playlists of the track here. 

Dask Monthly Community Meeting 

Some highlights from the July Dask community meeting:

  • Dask’s GSoC Student, Freyam is working on graph visualizations, you can follow their work on #gsoc-2021 in the Dask Slack workspace.
  • RAPIDS cuDF 21.06 has been released, you can learn what’s new in this blog post.

Full meeting notes are available here.

You’re All Caught Up On Dask

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