Coiled's first live stream... Science Thursdays!

Hugo Bowne-Anderson
June 29, 2020

Join us for Coiled’s first live stream!

We’ll cover both the opportunities and the challenges of scaling data science workloads with Pandas using a real-world example:

  1. Explore and clean a raw dataset with Pandas;
  2. Scale this workload locally with Dask;
  3. Scale this workload onto the cloud with Dask and Coiled.

If you know a bit of NumPy or Pandas, you’ll learn how to scale up your data work to larger datasets with Dask.

If you’re comfortable with Dask, you’ll see how to seamlessly move from local data analysis to operating in the cloud at scale in a few minutes, making it easier to iterate and innovate: science!

Level up your Dask using Coiled

Coiled makes it easy to scale Dask maturely in the cloud