Coiled Heartbeat: October 2021

Welcome to Coiled Heartbeat, a monthly publication that presents all the latest features, updates, and bug fixes in Coiled.

October saw two major Coiled releases, on Oct. 13th and 27th.

Here are the most important updates:

  1. Coiled now offers instance type selection when creating clusters.
  1. You can now build Coiled software environments directly from cloud image repository URIs, without having to install extra dependencies
  2. The Coiled Cloud Dashboard offers an expanded UI with additional columns and filtering options.

4. Coiled has deprecated Azure.

Read more about each of these (and more!) below. For a comprehensive list of all recent changes, see the Release Notes page in our docs.

Instance Type Selection

You can now specify the specific instance and GPU types you want to provision when launching your Coiled cluster, using the scheduler_vm_types and worker_vm_types keyword arguments. This gives you more fine-grained control over pricing and performance. 

// cluster = coiled.Cluster(
    scheduler_vm_types=["t3.large", "t3.xlarge"],
    worker_vm_types=["m5n.large", "m5zn.large"],

Read more about selecting instance types in the Coiled docs. This functionality is available for all supported cloud providers.

Private Docker Images

You can now build Coiled software environments directly from your private cloud-based image repositories, by supplying the image’s URI to the container keyword argument. This allows you to save on build time by directly leveraging Docker images that are stored in your private repository.


Read more about building software environments in the Coiled docs. This functionality is available for all supported cloud providers.

Upgraded Coiled Cloud Dashboard 

The Coiled Cloud Dashboard now has new columns for enhanced insights into your clusters. You can see information about the backend clusters are running in, their total runtime, and whether or not they’re using Spot/Preemptive Instances. More columns are under active development.

We love hearing your ideas!

We have a bunch of product ideas in our pipeline that we’d love to get your feedback on. You can see the complete list and leave feedback on our Feedback page.

We’re also always looking for people who enjoy testing and breaking things :) If that’s you, please drop us a line in the Coiled Community Slack channel!

Get in touch

If you have any questions or other feedback, please reach out to us via our Coiled Community Slack, by writing to, or by tweeting at us. We’d love to hear from you!

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