200 Free Cores: Our Birthday Promotion!

It’s our firssst birthday today! 🐍 It has been an exhilarating year. We grew from a company of 1 to 6 to over 20 people, our products and our community have matured, and we’re steadily marching forward. You can read the details in Coiled, one year in.

Many snake soft-toys with a ribbon saying Coiled in a box
Coiled snake plushies!

To celebrate this milestone, we’re giving all new and existing Coiled users access to 200 free cores for a month! Please help us burn our cloud start-up credits! This will be active starting today, 12th February, till 12th March 2021. Existing user accounts will be upgraded automatically and new users will get access by default. Sign up for Coiled at the link below, no credit card required!

Try Coiled Cloud

We’re also hosting a special birthday live stream with Matthew Rocklin, CEO of Coiled and Dask maintainer. Matthew will discuss the ongoing work around accelerating the Dask Scheduler: vroooom! The Dask scheduler is a core component of Dask and this session will be an insider’s guide into the various optimization techniques used to improve its performance. Join us on 18th February at 5 pm ET, register today!

Frequently asked questions

About Coiled

What is Coiled?

Coiled aims to make Dask accessible to everyone, everywhere. Coiled Cloud makes it easy to deploy Dask on the cloud. It takes care of DevOps so that you can focus on Data Science. Learn more at Coiled Cloud.

How can I get started?

You can start with the following resources:

Where can I get help?

The best place to get help is Coiled’s Community Slack. You can also write to us at info@coiled.io and tweet at us @CoiledHQ

About Birthday Promotion

How long is the offer active?

It’s active for one month, from 12th February 2021 00:00 UTC to 12th March 2021 00:00 UTC.

Do I have to add a payment method?

No! Up to 200 cores, everything is on us!

Why do I see ‘cost’ on the dashboard?

It is just for your information, so that you are aware of what’s happening. You are not being charged. :) In fact, we are!

Thanks for celebrating our birthday with us!

We're so happy that you're here. Click below to get your 200 free cores and get started scaling your data science and ML with Coiled.

Level up your Dask using Coiled

Coiled makes it easy to scale Dask maturely in the cloud