Coiled Team

About me

Accelerating Data Science, Python and Open Source

We are on a mission to help  Python scale.

Our passions lie at the intersection of computer architecture and human usability to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Coiled is a Dask company. Using Coiled, you can quickly and securely create Dask clusters in your cloud account.Coiled lets you scale your Python code to your cloud account.Using familiar NumPy, Pandas, scikit-learn, and Jupyter Notebooks you already know and love, burst to the cloud from your laptop easily and securely.Seamless Integration With Your Favorite Cloud Tools.Enterprises can perform machine learning and data engineering workloads on their data, wherever it is stored, using Coiled’s seamless integrations. Run Dask on your own cloud environment. Use Dask in production, the way you want to.You can use either our cloud or your own. We built Coiled to help you unleash the power of computationally intensive Python in the cloud. We believe you should have the time and space to solve bigger problems, not infrastructure issues.

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